Sim-pli Caz
I am a Sims 3 CC creator!
I love girly pretty clothes, especially chiffon.

Make sure to check my useful info page before asking any questions.
I hope you enjoy my site :)
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Hi all! Sorry again for my lack of responses. I feel bad for not responding but non-tumblr/sims life has taken over and I just get no time to create and post anymore. I may still post in the future but can’t commit to anything. If anyone plays league of legends (oce) and would like to add me, send me a message and I’ll give you my username :) I play that when I have spare time. Have a good day everyone!
P.S. I am 20 to all those people that guessed.

It’s my birthday tomorrow (the 5th), can anyone guess how old I’m turning? xD

Sorry for my lack of activity for the last… However long. Studying graphic design is intense! I hope I can make something over the holidays, I was even considering starting a blog with video tutorials and stuff to help people create for the sims if I get the time. I get a lot of asks regarding creating and it’d take so much time to answer just that one person in a private message. I’ll try get to my inbox soon, the number of unread messages is intimidating!