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I am a Sims 3 CC creator!
I love girly pretty clothes, especially chiffon.

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I have tried something different… This is a bat-wing sort of sweater, and its quite baggy.

It was quite difficult to create and there are some problems with the back of the shoulders sometimes, but I can’t figure out how to fix them and they aren’t that noticeable (I think).

Three versions are included, they are all pictured - the one with the bow (beige), the one without the bow (black) and the one with the heart stencil (white). I love it in the knit fabric but the sweater is completely recolourable so you can do whatever you like! I have re-mapped it so that the top part of the sleeve is seamless with the torso… (*phew*)

(A user requested this, but I can’t remember their username, sorry! I hope you find it and recognise it!)

I’m going to start uploading from MEGA as I have noticed a particularly large number of ads at Mediafire and it seems to be getting less downloader friendly, so let me know if you have trouble downloading as I’m not used to MEGA.

Edit - Added Mediafire links.

Download MEGA - Package or Sims3Pack

Download Mediafire - Package

Download Mediafire - Sims3Pack